10 Women's Health & FemTech Angel Investors

Women's Health and FemTech industries are flourishing. With new ventures starting across the globe, VC firms are starting to take notice. And with that, angel investors. Below, we've compiled a list of 10 angel investors who share a passion for helping Women's Health & FemTech startups to thrive.

Sophia Bendz to Join Polarium's Board of Directors - Polarium

1. Sophia Bendz

Sophia Bendz began angel investing in 2012 during her tenure as Spotify's global marketing director. Recognised as a leading regional angel investor, her portfolio includes significant investments in FemTech startups like Daye and Grace Health. Presently, Bendz contributes her expertise as a partner at Cherry Ventures, a prominent German early-stage fund.

Interests: FemTech, Well-Being | Cheque Size: $100-1M | Focus Region: Europe | Portfolio: Daye, Grace Health

Meet the Stonehage Fleming XV - Deepali Nangia | Stonehage Fleming

2. Deepali Nangia

Deepali Nangia, a seasoned angel investor, brings over a decade of expertise in private equity and investment banking to her role. Co-founding Alma Angels in 2019, and joining Atomico's Angel Programme in 2020, she predominantly invests in startups led by women who combine profit with purpose. Recently, she joined Vienna-based VC Speedinvest as a Venture Partner.

Interests: Women's Health, Climate, Education | Cheque Size: $20k | Focus Region: Europe | Portfolio: Juno Bio, Parla, Planera, Jude, Tuune, Kama Labs

Evelyn Castle: Driving Equity Through Impact Investing

3. Evelyn Castle

Evelyn Castle, a trailblazing health executive and impact investor, dedicated a decade to the African health sector before shifting focus to building Africa's impact investing ecosystem. With a mission to uplift female-owned SMEs (small to medium sized enterprises), she co-founded 3 social ventures: eHealth Africa, EHA Clinics, and eha Impact Ventures. Castle's extensive experience in NGO and corporate board leadership, coupled with her advocacy for gender investing, positions her as a prominent figure in Africa's social impact and health tech spheres.

Interests: FemTech in Africa, Social Impact | Geographic Focus: Africa & Developing Countries | Check Size: $20,000 | Portfolio: Ananya Health

Halle Tecco of Natalist wants to help you have a baby | by Xfund | Xblog

4. Halle Tecco

Halle Tecco is a multi-talented businesswoman who's been shaping the future of healthcare since 2011. As the Founder of Rock Health she's used her expertise to begin investing in healthcare and knowledge to teach as an Adjunct Professor at Columbia Business School. With a wealth of experience and a commitment to mentorship, Tecco continues to drive positive change in healthcare through her blog, podcasts, and advisory roles.

Interests: Women’s Health, Digital Health, Public Health | Geographic Focus: North America | Check Size: $25,000 | Portfolio: Tia, Kindbody, Poppyseed, Conceive

Meet the Angels: Priya Oberoi-Cattai, Founder at Goddess Gaia Ventures -  Capital Enterprise

5. Priya Oberoi

With a decade-long track record in angel investing and founding Oberoi Capital Partners, Priya champions underserved sectors, notably women's health. Utilising her BA (Hons) and MA in Jurisprudence from Oxford University she utilises her expertise in legal and compliance, coupled with her pioneering role in Islamic derivatives to spearhead Europe's first women-centric healthcare fund as the General Partner of Goddess Gaia Ventures (GGV).

Interests: Women’s health, FemTech Products | Geographic Focus: UK & Europe | Check Size: $800k-$2M | Portfolio: Biorithm, &Sisters, Anya, Holly Health

6. Lauren Hanson

Lauren Hanson, CEO of flipMD, revolutionises healthcare with the first on-demand consulting platform for physicians. Co-founded during the pandemic, flipMD was swiftly acquired by GoodRx, showcasing Hanson's entrepreneurial prowess. Passionate about women's healthcare and tech entrepreneurship, she's on a mission to uplift female-led initiatives and turn ideas into impactful ventures.

Interests: Maternal Health, Sexual Health, Reproductive Health, Fertility | Geographic Focus: North America | Check Size: $10-$50k | Portfolio: Undisclosed

7. Catherine Bohutinsky Lee

Partner at Top Corner Capital and seasoned entrepreneur, Catherine specialises in real estate and early-stage technology investments, with a keen focus on FemTech and PropTech. With over three decades of experience and a prestigious educational background from Harvard and MIT, she's dedicated to generating high returns and fostering innovation in her ventures.

Interests: FemTech | Geographic Focus: North America | Check Size: $100K - $5.0M | Portfolio: Frame Fertility

8. Carly Stockdale

Carly boasts 18 years of experience in building and investing in venture-backed companies. Specialising in digital health, longevity, and women's wellness, she co-founded BestLife and contributed to Prelude Fertility's growth into the largest US fertility network. With an MPH from Yale and a BA in Political Science, Carly continues to shape the future of healthcare through her strategic leadership and investments.

Interests: Digital Health, Femtech, Fertility, Longevity | Geographic Focus: North America | Check Size: $25k | Portfolio: Equip Health, Impli, Kegg, Mate Fertility, Origin, Veracity, Vessel

9. Valerie Evans

Valerie is a Texan-born, New York native, and new Londoner. After completing a combined Masters and Bachelors degree in finance and business administration build up her experience across several different VC funds as an intern and fellow. Her determination has taken her to Five Seasons Ventures where she now works as a fully-fledged investor.

Interests: Chronic Conditions, Supplements, Menopause, Period care | Geographic Focus: Europe & North America | Check Size: $3-5M | Portfolio: Her1

10. Julie Topp

The Canadian co-founded Revlo, a suite of fan engagement tools for broadcasters on Twitch. Later acquired by the platform she worked with Twitch ultimately as a Design Lead before her involvement with Pioneer Fund, a group of 360+ Y Combinator alumni investing in top Y Combinator startups. Although early in her investing career, Topp serves as a Visiting Senior Vice President interested in the growing FemTech and wearables industries.

Interests: FemTech, Wearables | Geographic Focus: Global | Check Size: $5-25k | Portfolio: Undisclosed