Top 5 FemTech Takeovers

Ever wonder what gives early FemTech startups their magic touch, propelling them to successful acquisitions faster than a caffeinated unicorn? It's all part of a fascinating trend bubbling up in the tech world, especially among FemTech pioneers. So what's the secret sauce? It turns out the answer, is other FemTechs. That's right, FemTech companies are acquiring their competitors in an effort to scale. In some case, before they've even finished series D funding. Think of it as FemTech's version of levelling up—a clear route to expansion in this emerging market is to use a round of investment to acquire the next contributor and add that component to your growing machine.

With this in mind, Here's our list of the Top 5 FemTech to FemTech acquisitions:

The acquisition of Naytal by Maven Clinic in March 2023 aimed to accelerateMaven's expansion in the UK and Europe. By leveraging Naytal's established presence and expertise in the region, particularly with its 70+ UK employer clients, Maven enhanced its ability to offer personalised care to members. This acquisition aligned with Maven's mission of bridging gaps in women's healthcare globally, combining strengths to better serve individuals seeking reproductive and family health services.

Maven Clinic | Founder: Kate Ryder | HQ: New York

Maven is a digital health platform that works with health plans and employers to offer virtual services for women’s and family health.

Naytal | Founder: Leila Thabet | HQ: London

Naytal is the online clinic made for women, delivering specialist services and programs of care that empower everywoman to care for their health.

The acquisition of Allbodies by The Flex Co. representsFlex's third strategic acquisition and marks its expansion into health education beyond period products. By combining Allbodies' robust platform, rich educational content, and network of health professionals with Flex's innovation in product development, the acquisition creates a powerhouse in women's health education. This move aligns with Flex's commitment to amplifying education and awareness, empowering individuals with knowledge and resources to take control of their reproductive and sexual wellness.

The Flex Co. | Founder: Lauren Schulte Wang | HQ: California 

The Flex Co. is a new menstrual product for 12 hours of period protection and mess-free period sex. No more bloating, cramping, changing or leaks. 

Allbodies Health | Founder: Ashley Spivak & Lauren Bille | HQ: New York

Allbodies is a platform for live and on-demand health classes to address holistic health and body information.

In a strategic move, Somedays had acquired Aisle, a B-Corp period care company, to expand their offerings and enhance their impact in the period care industry. By combining Aisle's reputation for sustainable and inclusive cycle care products with Somedays' natural approach to menstrual pain relief, the two companies aimed to offer an expanded range of period care products. Somedays, led by CEOLux Perry, had planned to leverage this acquisition to drive innovation and product development in menstrual wellness. The acquisition had reflected a shared commitment to menstrual equity and advocacy, with both companies aiming to continue championing universal, sustainable access to menstrual care.

Somedays | Founder: Lux Perry | HQ: Vancouver

Somedays offers a range of natural products to help with menstrual pain relief.

Aisle | Founders: Suzanne Siemens & Madeleine Shaw | HQ: Vancouver

Aisle is a sustainable and inclusive period underwear brand.

&SISTERS' acquisition of Mooncup represents a strategic move to drive positive change and offer sustainable alternatives to mainstream period products. Both brands share a common mission of eliminating single-use plastic and challenging green washing within the menstrual care industry. With Mooncup's legacy of pioneering reusable period products and &SISTERS' commitment to sustainable, plastic-free alternatives, this partnership aims to further advance the cause of eco-friendly period care. By joining forces, the two ethical, British companies seek to expand their impact and provide consumers with accessible, environmentally conscious period care options.

&SISTERS | Founder: Claire & Lucy Lettice| HQ: London

&SISTERS, a family-run sustainable period care brand, gained recognition for its compostable pads, tampons, and liners.

Mooncup | Founder: SuHardy | HQ: Brighton, UK

Mooncup pioneered sustainable period care by introducing the world's first silicone menstrual cup.

Twentyeight Health acquired SimpleHealth's platform to address SimpleHealth's users' ongoing needs for reproductive and sexual health services. This acquisition ensures continuity of care for Simple Health's tens of thousands of customers, who can seamlessly transition to Twentyeight Health for tele-health services, medication delivery, and care coordination. By aligning with Twentyeight Health's mission of providing accessible women's healthcare, the transition allows for expanded access to high-quality, convenient care for individuals across the US.

Twentyeight Health | Founders: Amy Fan & Bruno Van Tuykom | HQ: New York

28Health, a tele-health company, specialises in providing affordable and convenient reproductive and sexual health services.

Simple Health | Founder: Joel Wishkovsky & Ryan Quigley | HQ: New York

SimpleHealth, a digital reproductive care company, provided convenient access to reproductive and sexual health services.


The acquisition of Sesh by Caraway expands Caraway's portfolio to include digital group therapy, complementing its existing mental and physical health offerings.Caraway CEO Lori Evans Bernstein highlighted the importance of community and connection in mental health care, especially for underserved populations. The acquisition reflects Caraway's commitment to offering holistic health services and providing additional support to its members. This move comes afterCaraway's recent $16.75 million Series A funding round, indicating the company's growth and strategic expansion efforts. As digital behavioural health consolidation gradually picks up pace, Caraway's acquisition of Sesh underscores the importance of offering diverse and comprehensive mental health solutions to meet the needs of its members across various demographics and geographic regions.

Caraway | Founders: Jordan Nathan & Lori Evans Bernstein | HQ: New York

Caraway offers integrated mental and physical health services along with sexual and reproductive health offerings through its app.

Sesh | Founder: Vittoria Lecomte | HQ: California

Sesh is a digital group therapy platform covered a wide range of topics, from depression to career development.